As if my pregnancy hasn’t made me crazy enough. I also enrolled in an online Masters degree program this month. Am I out of my mind?

Gestational Diabetes

I am becoming extremely frustrated with my GD. I tried the diet plan. Didn’t work. I tried pills. Didn’t work. And now I’m on insulin for 3 days straight, and it hasn’t lowered my numbers which means my dose is going to be made even higher. As if this wasn’t enough - I have to see my OB/Gyn 2 times a week for a Non-Stress Test, my high risk doctor once a week for follow-ups and ultrasounds, and my endocrinologist (diabetes doctor) once a week, as well. This doesn’t include the fact that I work full-time and I’m trying to plan my maternity leave lesson plans for my sub… or that I just enrolled in school full-time as well for my Masters. OH and don’t even get me started on the fact that my apartment is a mess and that I haven’t been able to get it baby-ready. I have literally had crying episodes over all of this and I just want to scream.

Found out I have Gestational Diabetes today… :(

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Baby shower

So my friend is looking at the weekend of December 3rd for the shower. I’ll be 35 weeks, which means I’ll be nice and big for some pictures, lol. I can’t wait to celebrate our little one!

My friend is coming over today

To get the registry inserts for my shower invites and to discuss shower details. I hope there are significant updates! (Like the date!)

I can’t sleep. It’s way too hot in my apt right now PLUS I’m having hot flashes!

I go for my 1 hour glucose test tomorrow

I am so NOT looking forward to sitting around for an hour.


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